Events at Bangalore

 "Technical Center"

Imtex 2012 Every month Amada India organize special events to propose new solutions in the field sheet metal manufacturing for benefit of our customers.
To participate kindly register with us. Our representative will contact you shortly.

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Working with motto of "Growing with Customers"

We at Amada always believe we can grow by helping our customers to grow. To support our customer we not only equip them with cutting edge technology but also improving their factory conditions with our know how and gear them up with 5S activities. Recently we carried out this campaign at our customers factory.

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AMADA Manufacturing Innovation Center  

@ PDPM IIITDM-Jabalpur

Imtex 2012 Amada establishes Manufacturing Innovation Center at PDPM IIITDM-Jabalpur by donating Sheet-Metal Processing Machines.

5th Dec’ 2012.


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About Amada

Imtex 2012 AMADA since the founding of the company has operated according to the motto of "creativity", incoporating it into all of its products. With 60 years of experience in the development of metal working machinery, Amada is confident that it will continously maintain a spirit of originality...

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