Bending Machines


A total solution with High speed and Accuracy for all production environments. A newly developed NC unit has display functions strengthened to allow operators to check forming information in real time and to contribute to easier operation and shorter lead time. A variety of bend angle solutions support inexperienced operators in achieving target bend angle from the first part without test bending.


HFE M2 Series

HFE-M2 series

Servo/Hydraulic, Down-Acting Press Brake HFE M2
The features of the HFE-M2 series have been designed around the requirements of modern manufacturing needs. these include:

  • Large open height
  • Large throat depth
  • Narrow lower beam
  • Large distance between the side frames

As is the case with all press brakes from AMADA, the HFE-M2 series is equipped with AMADA’s patented instant reactive beam within ensures constant parallel deflection of both the upper and lower beams. A constant bend angle along the full length of the machine is easily achieved.



RG Series

New RGM2 Press brake - Economical, Flexible with wider functions.



HDNT Series Press Brakes

HDNT Series Press Brakes

AMADA uses a special servo-hydraulic hybrid concept to drive the HD-NT series of press brakes in order to guarantee high-precision bending results at all times. Servomotors drive the hydraulic pumps which supply oil to the cylinders. The fact that the motor only operates while the press beam is moving results in a significant reduction in energy consumption. Additional advantages are reduced hydraulic oil requirements, longer periods between oil changes and reduced heating of the oil. This guarantees a uniform bending quality which is no longer influenced by fluctuations of oil temperature.



New series with 5 models ( 500KN/2m to 2200kN/4m )

Extended open height and stroke length in various model lineup compared to conventional model HS Series provides optimum bending solutions depending on the customer’s production application.