Laser Machine

FOM2RI Series

Laser cutting system with Rotary Index
The Most Versatile Rotary Index Laser Cutting System Available.
The FOM2 3015 NT RI is engineered to include an innovative Rotary Index with the power and speed to efficiently cut mid to thick materials. The Rotary Index is located on one of three shuttle pallets—making it extremely easy to switch from flat sheet cutting to tube or pipe cutting.

FOM2RI Series
Sheet Specifications
Machine Model FOMIIRI-3015NT
NC Control AMNC-F
Oscillator AF4000i-C
Drive Method X-axis: Rack and Pinion // Y/Z-axis:Ball Screw
Control Method X-Y and Z axis simultaneous controlled + B axis
Cutting Range(X*Y*Z) 3040mm x 1550mm x 200mm
Nominal Sheet Size (X/Y/Z) 3070mm x 1550mm
Parallel Speed 80 m/min
Simultaneous Speed 113 m/min
Cutting Speed (X * Y) 0 to 20 m/mm
Maximum Sheet Weight 920 Kg
Pass Line 840 mm
Electrical power consumption of entire system 53 KW
FOM2RI 3015 (Rotary Index) Specifications
Tube Shapes Round, square, rectangular, angle and channel
Round Tube 19mm - 220mm
Square Tube 19mm - 150mm
Rectangle  220mm (diagonal)
Angle 90mm X 90mm
Channel 150mm wide
Maximum Weight 200kg
Maximum Tube Length 6000mm
Rotation Speed 100 RPM
Dust Collection Automatic switching for tube length up to 236" (6000mm)
Scratch Prevention Controllable pneumatic chuck and aluminium roller