Laser Machine



Quattro Pipe Index


Model Quattro
Axial travel Optic transfer
NC Unit FANUC-16i-LA
Max processing size 1,250mm x 1,250mm
Axis movement 1,260mm (X and Y axis) and 100mm (Z axis)
Max. feed speed 30m/min (X and Y axis) and 15m/min (Z axis)
Positioning accuracy ± 0.01 mm
Max. cutting sheet thickness (soft steel) 6mm
Laser beam Rated Output 1000W/2000W
Gas consumption 10L/hour
Output Power 1000W / 2000W


Quattro Pipe Index Specifications
Travel Method
A-axis (rotational axis)
Control Method X,Y,Z and A axes are simultaneoulsy controlled
Maximum Rotation Speed 20 rotations per minute
Maximum Loading Capacity 35 Kg
Repeatable Angle Currency ± 0.03 degrees
Least Command Increment 0.01 degree
Drive Feed Method AC Servo motor (0.5kW)
Maximum outside diameter 180 mm
Minimum outside tube diameter 20 mm
Maximum tube length with centering cone in use 1,100 mm
Minimum tube length 100 mm
Dead Zone for chuck 100 mm
Maximum outside tube diameter that can go through the chuck 100 mm
Chuck type Four (4) finger, manual scroll chuck


View Samples

Sample 01
Material : SUS
Thickness: 4.0 MM
Feed Rate : 400 MM/MIN


Sample 02
Material : SUS
Thickness: 2.0 MM
Feed Rate : 1000 MM/MIN


Sample 03
Material : SUS
Thickness: 6.0 MM
Feed Rate : 1200 MM/MIN


Sample 04
Material : SUS
Thickness: 2.0 MM


Sample 05
Material : SUS
Thickness: 0.01 MM
Feed Rate : 1500 MM/MIN


Sample 06
Material : SUS
Thickness: 0.01 MM
Feed Rate : 1500 MM/MIN